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Triumph Design Corporation was born to serve the future. The seeds of this successful corporate were sown way back with a vision to lead the safety and security & automation industry by providing High End Engineering Products required in Analytical Laboratories, Access Control Automation Solutions along with Entrance Control Products & Solutions combined with security solutions in a competitive price to globally cater its esteemed customers with highly secured and full proof solutions which also matches the aesthetics and ergonomics.

In our field we want to set standards in terms of functionality, quality, on time delivery, reliability and after sales support of our products. We want to attain the leading position in the global market relevant to us in terms of market share as well as in growth. We strive for regular improvement in our products & performance, measuring and gas monitoring analyser, detector including toxic fume detector and control the past results carefully without compromising with the quality and integrity of the products & systems delivered. Staying future proof, while constantly improving our products is what we believe in, a true path in satisfying our clients’ demands without sacrificing our position at the cutting edge of security technology.